Monday, January 27, 2020

Frayne Vibez - "Dudded" (Video + Audio)

Frayne Vibez - "Dudded"

 (Video + Audio)

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Frayne Vibez - "Dudded"

 (Video + Audio)

Description: Up Next is rising star Frayne Vibez, hailing out of Chicago, with his latest single "Dudded" and yes..... the track is a definite banger, without doubt. In today's musical climate, Frayne is very aware of his strengths and remains on the constant grind to perfect his sound, and by writing and producing all of his music, he remains in complete control.

Consisting of melodious lyrics flowing perfectly over solid production, "Dudded", is destined to grab the attention of the new listener.

Although he sings about lost love, Frayne shows he's living his best life and even manages to keep a positive vibe next to the pretty young lady that broke his heart.  Check out the video above, and be sure to listen to "Dudded" available now on all Digital Streaming Platforms.

About The ArtistBorn In Chicago, IL, Frayne started playing piano at the age of 5 and percussion in his freshman year of high school. It was in his sophomore year where the rapper/singer began to cultivate his sound in the studio combining harmonic and melodic melodies to his lyrics over the beats he created influenced by the world around him. He has always studied the music game and wanted to create a vibe of his own hence his name.  Be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for what he brings in 2020!

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